Surgical Services

Artificial Hip Joint - Total Hip Arthroplasty

            Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty:

Minimal invasive Technique: Smaller skin incision compared to standard procedure. No detaching of muscle insertions around the hip.


Revision surgeries are needed if patient already had one or more unsuccessful hip surgeries. Some causes for revision could be:

  • Instabilities (dislocation of the hip)
  • Deep infections
  • Aseptic loosening of the prosthesis
  • Metal allergies etc.

For the revision the reconstruction of the revised hip is done by the use of different kinds of cups, bone preserving techniques, back filling of different bone defects by means of metal wedges and special made individual 3D printing prosthesis.


Artificial Knee Joint - Total Knee Arthroplasty

            Primary Total Knee Arthroplasty:

Patient specific cutting blocks - this is a surgical method using image based navigation together with an individual customized cutting block.

Standard procedure with standard instruments 


Revision surgeries are needed if patient already had one or more failed total knee arthroplasties. Some causes could be:

  • Instabilities (insufficient ligaments)
  • Deep infections
  • Aseptic loosening of the prosthesis
  • Metal allergies
  • Periprosthetic fractures etc.

In case of a revision surgery the usage of stemmed prosthesis for better bony fixation is preferred. To reconstruct insufficient ligaments, this kind of prosthesis has different couple mechanisms (degree of constraint). For bony reconstruction, different metal blocks (augments) can help to cover bone defects.


Tumor Surgery of the Musculoskeletal System

            Bone Tumors

  • Malign and benign bone tumors except spine and skull
  • Reconstruction with tumor prosthesis for the upper and lower limb

            Soft Tissue Tumors

Malign and benign soft tissue tumors of the whole musco-sceletal system including the reconstruction with plastic and vessel surgical methods.


Arthroscopic Surgeries

 For the knee joint, shoulder- and ankle joint


Surgery of the Foot – Adults

            Fore foot:

                        Hallux valgus of different severities

                        Hammer toes

                        Morton disease

                        Morbus Ledderhose etc.


Surgery of the Metatarsals and Hind foot:

            Foot deformities due to acquired diseases (flat foot, pes eqinus etc.)

            Foot deformities due to accidents


Complex Revision Operations of the Musculoskeletal System

                        Correction of a varus or valgus knee/leg

Non operative Services


Non Surgical Treatment of Arthritic Joints
Non Surgical Treatment of Inflamed Joints
Pain related Treatment by Infiltrations
Non Surgical Treatment of the Spine
Postoperative Care
Follow up of Joint Replacements
Follow up of Orthopaedic Tumour Patients

Services not offered at the office

Shock wave Therapy
Paediatric Orthopaedic Consultation

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