Orthopaedic Hospital Gersthof




Address: Wielemansgasse 28, A-1180 Wien

Telephone: 0043 / 1 / 47611-0

Fax: 0043 / 1 / 47611-4309


Website: http://www.wienkav.at/kav/ger/

Interim Medical Director: Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Ritschl

Head of the Orthopedic Department: Univ. Prof. Dr. Peter Ritschl




Services for the Outpatients Clinic:


Appointments by telephone registration:
01/47611-3901, Monday - Friday from 07.30 am to 11.30 am




Special Ambulances:




Hip and Knee


Sport trauma



Number of operations performed by clinic Gersthof per year: XXXXXX








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